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We’re pleased to announce a collab between Epic Skate Rink and Spotlight Theatre in their production of Xanadu, a musical comedy based on the 1980s whacky movie, about a Greek goddess who descends to Venice Beach in California to help a struggling artist create the “greatest piece of artistry of all time”- the first ROLLER DISCO!

First though, we’re helping the production find four talented roller skaters to be in the background of the finale of each performance. That means you do not have to be there for the whole show, only 30 mins before you go on for the finale, which is the last act of the show. This is community theatre, and it's an unpaid volunteer role, and possibly suits someone aspiring to get into theatre or performance that will apreciate having a real gig from a well respected and well known theatre on their resume. 



You have to be not just a very competent skater, but able to dance on skates. We're not sure at this stage if the performance of the four skaters will co-ordinate in their choreo, but individually they each need to be impressive to the audience. Also, the requirement is for skaters on roller skates, not on inline skates. Julio Espin, the production's skate coach (and managing Director of Epic Skate Rink) will assess the ability of applicants and pick the winning skaters.


You have to be able to totally committ in time to attend the rehearsals and every performance. The four chosen skaters will be fitted for costumes; and there will not be any back-up skaters that can fit your costume and play your part. Do not apply if you cannot be absolutely depended on to perform at each and every show.



You need to attend rehearsals from 1st November to 17th November, at 6pm QLD (7pm NSW) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays, at Spotlight Theatre in Ashmore and a community centre in Southport.


You will not be required for the whole performance, just 30 mins before the final act. Below are all the dates and times you will need to be there. 

  • Thu 16th November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Fri 17th November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Sat 18th November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Sun 19th November - 3pm QLD (4pm NSW)

  • Wed 22nd November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Thu 23rd November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Fri 24th November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Sat 25th November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Sun 26th November - 3pm QLD (4pm NSW)


  • Wed 29th November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Thu 30th November - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Fri 1st December - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Sat 2nd December - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Sun 3rd December - 3pm QLD (4pm NSW)

  • Wed 6th December - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Thu 7th December - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Fri 8th December - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)

  • Sat 9th December - 8:30pm QLD (9.30pm NSW)


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