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FR FRJ, a Freeride Skate for kids and it's awesome! This is the skate for that junior that can already skate and wants a performance-orientated skate that will adjust.

Size adjustment is really simple, thanks to the removable 3 in 1 insole so boot integrity isn't compromised by a two-piece design to achieve size adjustability.

The FRJ Junior is extremely tough and easy to skate so kids can learn even faster.

Features Include;

  • Boots (32-42): Plastic shell, HDS, Abrasive pad.
  • Closing: Safety lock buckle, Power strap, laces
  • Frames: FR X2R frames black, 231mm
  • Wheels: Street King Jr Wheels 76mm/84A
  • Bearings: MW7
  • Size: Small US1-3, Medium US3-5, Large US5-7, X-Large US7.5-9
  • Brake: Brake in the box.

The perfect skate for Juniors interested in Freestyle, Street Hockey or just skating for fun, this is as close to an adult skate as a junior skate can get! 

FR FR Junior Inline Skate

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