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A few things to know when looking at wheels:

- Diameter (size) - given in millimetres (mm).

- Hardness; given as the value of "A", according to Shore's durometer hardness scale. For infomation on what hardness is best for you please see the diagram above!


About this item:

-High-Quality Urethane Wheels

Oversized nylon racing hub features a super lightweight design and Low Profile Racing 93A Durometer Urethane Performance Chemistry. 62x42mm Profile makes them a versatile option.

-Crazy Laces

Color matching premium quality Laces with black racing pinstripe.

-Crazy Star Jam Plugs

Don't use your Toe Stops? Remove them and screw in our Star plug!

-Many awesome colours to choose from in store!!

Crazy - ZOOM custom colour kit

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