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A few things to know when looking at wheels:

- Diameter (size) - given in millimetres (mm).

- Hardness; given as the value of "A", according to Shore's durometer hardness scale. For infomation on what hardness is best for you please see the diagram above!


About this item:

Sold as a pack of 8 wheels.


Poured for Crazy Skates by the world famous MPC company in Boston USA in the peak of the Roller Derby revival, these translucent gems of wheels are a secret weapon of some of the greatest derby players to ever take the track.

The thin profile of this wheel and it’s microgroove surface make these wheels perfect for great powerslides when you tilt them, but are real corner biters when you loosen your trucks a little and let this super premium urethane hold on to the floor.

The wheels feature an undersized delrin hub which offers great rigidity and a deep urethane surface.

If you are looking for a great rink wheel, harder park wheel, or are a lightweight outdoor skater looking for some serious speed - grab yourself a set of the Quakes. They are earth shakingly good!

Crazy Quake 8-pack 59mm/92a Rollerskate Wheels

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